Our oceans are in immediate need of protection.
Industrial fishing, pollution and marine debris, habitat destruction, coastal development, global warming, and ocean acidification, are all threatening to irreversibly destroy the ocean’s delicate ecosystems. What was once considered an endless source of food to feed the planet is now on the brink of collapse. Many species of fish have now been depleted to less than 10% of their per-industrial fishing levels in the past 50 years. Not only have we lost over 90% of the population of widely consumed fish such as tuna, salmon, and cod, the ancillary impact of commercial fishing has similarly annihilated thousands of other ocean species. Along all the equatorial and tropical coastlines, delicate reefs filled with biodiversity that evolved over thousands of years to protect coastlines and nourish local communities, are now dying within a time span measured in years.

We believe art is an essential tool in halting the destruction of threatened species and we intend to do our part. By reconnecting people with the beauty and vulnerability of marine species, we intend to ignite a new level of curiosity and passion for marine conservation.

In partnership with the Blue Sphere Foundation, we will dedicate a portion of proceeds from select print sales to the conservation of whale sharks, manta and mobula rays, and other threatened shark and ray species.